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Kirkland Chiropractor | Dr. Lyle Love
Kirkland Spine & Posture Center


Chiropractic: A Safe and Natural Alternative to Modern Medicine

Kirkland Spine & Posture Center is located in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland. Dr. Lyle Love utilizes the latest research and technology in posture and spinal rehabilitation that brings youth and vitality back into the body.

What you’ll find is what so many other Kirkland area residents have discovered: Chiropractic is amazingly simple. Chiropractic is remarkably safe. And chiropractors can be helpful for a variety of health problems—problems that rarely resolve on their own.

Chiropractic Plays A Role In Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Chiropractic is powerful in helping patients live truly healthy lives. Iget adjusted regularly to keep myself healthy, with youth and vitality. I want to live to be old and healthy, not old and debilitated in pain with my blood and organs filled with medication as I so often see. Proper Chiropractic care can help prevent that from ever happening.

Waiting will only postpone the moment you enjoy relief. Call our Kirkland chiropractic office today.

Kirkland Spine & Posture Center | Phone: (425) 739-8882
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